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General Incorporated Association SKY thichthich V

SKY ティクティクV


~第一線で活躍できる外国人社員育成のための オーダーメイド研修~






[Business Information]

Japanese language training, adult training

for foreign employees

​【 SKYティクティクVのベトナム講座 】


[As a companion]

We will support the companies that are planning to or have already welcomed foreign employees and the foreigners who work there to form an indispensable partner relationship with each other.

When hiring a foreigner, there are some precautions that are different from hiring a Japanese person. In order for others to spend the same time in the same space every day, it is important to know each other well, but there are the environment in which they grew up, the basic ideas they have cultivated there, the temperament and nature peculiar to that country, and common sense. Is also different. "Maybe this is the case" and "generally you will think this way" do not work, and you are often surprised or discouraged.

It is rather natural that you will not get the results you expect even if you talk on the premise that you have the same values as the other person without adjusting the understanding.

First of all, the way can be seen only by sharing the standard way of thinking for both parties, confirming the purpose and specific procedure, and then proceeding with the discussion.

I understand Japanese = I understand Japanese common sense → So it's okay, but first of all, I need to confirm the starting position. There is a language as a means to that end, but it is a well-known story that the most difficult thing to teach others is your mother tongue.

By sharing logic and code of conduct while eliminating stumbling blocks in language communication, you can find a way to improve your condition and make it easier to drive.

Our corporation is close to foreign employees and companies and supports them as companions.

[What you value]

Listen to the story.

What I think is a problem now, my daily life, my hobbies, my mistakes when I was a student, what I am proud of, what I want to do in the future, and complaints.

As you listen to various things, you may notice problems that you have not been aware of before, and you may come up with hints for solving them.

Chemical change.

Same environment, same way of thinking, same way. If there is no change, things and people will stagnate.

By touching new things and new people, you may meet yourself that you did not know before, or you may get something that you never imagined.

Let's enjoy the chemical change.

Create something that doesn't exist.

Scientific change sometimes fails. But sometimes you can feed on it and get something completely different than you expected. Knowing the new world can be a little scary. However, it may be a turning point that will trigger a leap forward.

All you need is the courage to take a step forward.

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