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Nice to meet you, this is SKY Tictic V.

Starting with an internship in Taiwan, our corporation has been involved with many people such as technical trainees, engineers, Japanese language center of Japanese language department of university, local Japanese Vietnamese employees in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi City of Vietnam. The representative is a Japanese language teacher who has been rubbing himself and has been thinking about "the relationship between Japanese and foreigners".

It is a well-known fact that Japan will inevitably need the help of foreigners in the future due to the long-lasting declining birthrate and aging population. But what about the Japanese side's preparations for welcoming you? Compared to the fact that many countries accept foreigners smoothly, I feel that there are many sites in Japan where the system is still groping but still groping. People who just push their thoughts to "enter the town and follow the town", do not understand the Japanese level of the other person, and feel relieved that "it is okay because I explained in detail in Japanese", and the other person does not understand The current situation is that not a few people decide that their academic ability is low. On the other hand, you may end up becoming a disappointing employee by trying to show your understanding too much.

I would like to open up a new path by choosing Japan, especially Hokkaido, and those who have come across the sea to do their best in this area and want to be useful, accept and nurture them, and review their feet again through them. Our greatest mission is to work with and help the business operator of the idea.

I think it will probably be the content that the big waves that the world has never experienced since last year will disappear completely. However, I would not be so happy if I could help you to boldly row toward this big wave and ride brilliantly while compensating for the missing parts.

Representative Director

Tomoko Sekiya



関 谷  智 子

[Origin of corporate name]

"SKY" is an image of the blue sky that spreads forever, but it is also the one in which the vowels are removed from the alphabetical notation of Sekiya, who is the representative.

"Tik Tik" means "thích thích" in Vietnamese ("like like" in English), that is, like.


It's a strange name, but it actually makes sense. I would be happy if you could remember it.

Tropical Leaves

[Corporate profile]

Name: General Incorporated Association SKY Tictic V

Established: January 2021

Location: Kita 23 Jonishi 4-chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo


Phone number: 080-2335-3137

Representative Director: Tomoko Sekiya

Business content: Japanese language training, adult training (for foreigners)

Vietnamese introductory course (for Japanese)

Vietnamese translation

Vietnamese mechanical engineer, general employment support

Housing search, infrastructure contract support



Completed the Japanese language school teacher training course in Sapporo City in March 2010.

September-December 2010 Attended study sessions at other schools while continuing his training as an internship instructor at a private school in Taichung City.

In addition, as a Taiwanese instructor, Japanese language classes and Hokkaido at 3 universities in the city and Japanese language clubs of prestigious girls' high schools

Introducing sightseeing in Japan.

Every day I am shocked by the deliciousness of Taiwanese rice and the size (and speed) of cockroaches.

July 2011-January 2019 In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (about 2 years) and Hanoi City (about 5 years), including technical trainees, Japanese language department at the university, Japan

Classes are offered to employees of the language center and local Japanese corporations. Collaboration with foreigners, carefree smiles of learners, and

Compared to Japan (at that time), where there was little reaction like "Vietnam? What is it delicious?", When I found out that I was Japanese,

"HONDA! JAPAN! AJINOMOTO!" "I'm studying Japanese! Nihon, I love you! Teacher, ○○

Do you know Mr. △△ of the center? Vietnamese people who call out to me (Who is this. I'm sorry, I don't know.

Yo. .. ) Is impressed. Listen to the Vietnamese language of people who come to the market, shops, and sidewalks that go 8 days a week

I'm just grateful to have been acquainted with the practice.

From the old motorcycle taxi fathers who are increasing the number of grabs and the number is decreasing now, "You are really Mafi

Oh! By the time it was said, I was able to grow up in Vietnamese as an excuse for bargaining.

From July 2020 As the predecessor of the general incorporated association SKY Tictic V, registered as a sole proprietorship and acted as the store name "SKY Tictic V".

From January 2021, the determination as a corporation is newly started in earnest.

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